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The Anti-Harassment Cell in the college is working since 2009 and is designed to control and prevent the harassment caused to women in particular. The cell is open for both staff; teaching and non-teaching and students. A written complaint can field regarding any harassment caused by the victim or a third party. The complaint may be addressed to the Convener of the Committee. In case, if the complaint has been made to the Additional Director, Principal or any of the Committee members, it will be then forwarded to the Convener of the Committee against Sexual Harassment. It should be noted that

according to the Supreme Court guidelines Sexual harassment can be defined as "unwelcome" sexually determined behaviour (whether directly or by implication) as:

 Physical contact and advances;                                                                                                               

• Demand or request for sexual favours;

• Sexually coloured remarks;

• Showing pornography; and

• unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature. (Vishaka judgement by Supreme Court)

• The following is also sexual harassment and is covered by the committee:

• Eve-teasing,

• Unsavoury remarks,

• Jokes causing or likely to cause awkwardness or embarrassment, Innuendos and taunts,                                                                                                                           

• Gender-based insults or sexist remarks,

• Unwelcome sexual overtone in any manner such as over telephone (obnoxious telephone calls) and the like,

• "touching or brushing against any part of the body and the like, Displaying pornographic or other offensive or derogatory pictures, cartoons, pamphlets

• or sayings,

• Forcible physical touch.

One Day Workshop: Herbal Rakhi: 11/07/2022

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One Day training program: Herbal Rakhi: 24/07/2022

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Celebration of Women Equality Day.: 26 /08/2022

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Celebration of  International Literacy day: 08/09/22

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Celebration of International Girl Child Day: 11/10/2022

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Celebration of National Girl Child Day: 24/01/2023

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Celebration of International Day of zero tolerance for female Genital Mutilation: 06/02/2023

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International Day Women & Girl in Science: 11/02/2023

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International Women’s Day: 06/03/2023

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World Health Day: 05/04/2023

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Women Cell “Vividha” Report 2018-19


  • Women Cell “Vividha” organized a program on “Samvaad Samman va Vimochan Utkrist Mahila Alankaran Samaroh” on 27/07/2018. Chief Guest of the occasion was Shri Chandrakant Uike Joint Secretary Mantralaya, Raipur , Shri Gajendra Yadav Rajya Mukhya Aayukt Bharat Scout Avam Guide, Shri Vinod Mishra Senior Sahityakar, Shri I.P.Mishra Chairman of Shri Gangajali Education Society Durg, Dr. Raksha Singh Director and Principal of SSMV and Dr.J.D.P Rao,Addl. Director of SSMV.
  • Women Cell “Vividha” organized a Guest Lecture on “Poshan Abhiyaan” on 19/09/18. Guest of the Programme was Rajesh Singh Rana Director of  Women and Child Development, Smt. Gurpreet Kaur Officer Women and Child Development, Shri. I.P. Mishra Chairman of Shri Gangajali Education Society, Smt. Jaya Mishra President of Shri Gangajali Education Society.
  •  On 23/11/18 women cell “Vividha” organized a Guest Lecture on Account of “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”. Guest Speaker was Smt. Shanu Mohanan President of Utkrist Mahila Kalyan Samiti, Dr. Raksha Singh Director and Principal of SSMV, Dr. J. Durga Prasad Rao Addl. Director of SSMV.
  • Women cell “Vividha” celebrated “National Girls Child Day” on 24/01/19.
  • Slogan Competition held on 06/02/19 on “International Day Against Female Genital”, an awareness day as a apart of UN’s effort to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) which comprises all procedures that involves altering or injuring the female genitalia for non medical reason and is recognized internationally as a violation of the human right of girls and women.
  • On 11/02/19 International Day Of Women & Girls In Science was celebrated by the women cell “Vividha” to promote participation of women in field of Science and Technology. Main aim to celebrate this day is to give women access to the science and technology and to ensure their participation essentially for gender equality and women empowerment.
  • On the Occasssion of International Womens Day, Women Cell “Vividha” organized programmme “SAMAGAM” on 06/03/19. Guest of the occasion was Smt. Anita Agrawal  President of  Agrawal Mahila Manch, Smt. Saroj Agrawal President Lions Club, Smt. Kalpana Swami District Sports Officer, Smt. Dipti Khurana President Khalsa Mahavidyalaya, Dr. Raksha Singh Director and Principal of SSMV


Women Cell “VIVIDHA” 2017-18

  •  On 11.07.2017 meeting is held on “POSCO ACT-A CONCERN” an act to protect children from offences such as sexual assault, sexual harressment and pornography .
  •  On 12/07/17 Women cell vividha build “Constitutional Legal Literacy Club”. The action of the formation of the club was completed in January 2017 with its objective being a detailed lecture on the activities of the legal services authority, durg judge Digvijay Singhj was present. He explained how legal services can be provided to the weaker section of the society and how to promote it
  •  Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya  hostel girls attended the One day Training programme organized at Kala Mandir Sec-6 by the Raksha Team.  The college girls were trained for self defence under unfavorable circumstances so that girls become self-confident and independent .This programm was organized on 13.8.2017.
  • On 12/07/17 “Constitutional Legal Literacy Club”
  • Women cell vividha Organized One day workshop on 22.8. 2017 women safety chief Guest & Gest speaker  Mr.  Shashi Mohan Singh Addl  S.P.City.  Mrs Suresha Chubey Addl. S.P IUCAW. 3. Navi Monika Pandey Inspector women helpline.
  •  Women cell vividha is organized poster competition on the occasion of International Day for the elimination of violence against women Date 25.11.2017 Judges 1. J. C. Teja Aparna soft skill Trainer Art of living volunteers. 2. Esha Sharma fascinator- Youth workshop India.
  • National Girls child day of India Date-24.01.2018 Women cell vividha on the occasion of National Girls child day a poster and essay competition was organized in SSMV Junwani Bhilai. Through the poster students showed their Opinion about a girl child.
  •  On 6.3.2018 Felicitation of super dancer Sagun Singh on the account of International Women’s Day was done.  One of top 5 contestant of talent show. She is a Contestant of Super Dancer 2 on Sony Television.

Chief Guest- 1. Shri Pram Prakash Pandey  ji cabinet Minister

Special Gust 1.Shri I.P. Mishra (chairmen of Gangajali edu. Society)

2. Smt. Jaya Mishra (vice President of Gangajali edu. Socity)

3. Dr .J. Durga Prasad Rao Addl. Diretor.

4. Dr. Raksha Singh Principal

  •   Felicitation of a old lady for her laborious effort on the account of Womens Day Date-15.3.2018 “We cannot our intention on the scles of age” A 90 years old lady Ramdani das proved this by her laborious effort which she do every day to earn living for her fac lity by giving her seruice to 5 different homes women cell of SSMV honored the lady and also gave financial support with RS- 11,000 by the hand of chairmen Shri IP Mishra & vice president Smt. Jaya Mishra of Gangajali Edu. Society.
  •   Celebration of world health day Date :- 7/04/18 World Health day a Global health awareness day celebrated on SSMV by the department of Microbiology. A video was presented to the student about what your period blood colour says about your health and what are the safety measures should be taken on the days of periods.
  • On 10/04/18 Women cell Vividha of Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidhyalaya, Junwani organized a training programme at Khapri village for village ladies, where faculty of Education Department gave training. In this training programme they taught making Lord Ganesha from coconut. After training a competition is held on decorating coconut in which 35 ladies taken part. Dameshwari Sahu secured 1st position and Bhojeshwari Sahu secured 2nd position.
  • Educational visit of student of Kendriya  Vidyalaya Durg (class-10th) Date 17.4.2018 A short movie presentation given to the students of Kendriy vidyalaya Durg  of about Good Touch & Bad Touch.


Women Cell “VIVIDHA” 2016-17


  •  On 30/07/2016 the women cell “Vividha” had organized a Workshop on Healthy Diet & Good Food Habit. Guest of the program was Rafat Anjum Raque. The motive  of the programme was to aware theWomenregarding their daily food habits to consume low fat food i.e.(Use of minimum oil)
  •   On 28/09/2016One day National Seminor “Nari Samman Vividha” was organized by Mahila Samanvay Samiti, Chhattisgarh at the auditorium of Brahmkumaris centre in Sec-7. Dr. Raman Singh (Chief Minister of C.G. Govt) and Shri Prem Prakash Pandey (Higher Education Minister of C.G. Govt.) were the Chief Guest and Special Guest respectively. Smt. Ramsheela Sahu (Women & Child Development Minister C.G. Govt ), Satabdi Pandey (President  CG Mahila & Bal Vikas Aayog), Harshita Pandey (President C.G.  Rajye Mahila Aayog) are the other guest of the occasion. All India Convener of Mahila Samanvay Samiti- GeetaTai from Pune spoke “Naari Shakti, Rashtra Shakti.”

  The Vividha song was written and composed by Dr. Raksha  Singh. The convener of the program was Dr. Raksha Singh,   Principal: Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya. The event aimed  to acknowledge and appreciate the success of women at different          fields ,who have  proved the capabilities of (NARI), eliminatiny  the odds and orthodox beliefs of the society, have should    the       world that being a women is not a barrier to over dreams and  they are equally important, being an indespensible part of our    community. The grand Ocacasion was graced by presence of 2000      Ladies from various places.

  •  On18/10/2016 the women cell “Vividha” had organized a guest lectures on the topic-Women Safety.The guest speaker of this program was Navi Monika Pandey Inspector, Women Help Line& Special Guest are Alisha Behra, Winner of So You think you can Dance, GitikaMarame Miss India Chhattisgarh. She shared some of imported Self Defence steps to be followed in unfavorable condition.
  •  On11/02/2017 the women cell “Vividha” had organized a guest lectures on the topic-Legal Literacy. The guest speaker of this program was Girija Devi Maravi Judge, District Court Durg.
  •   On 07/03/2017 International Women’s Day is celebrated in collaboration with Jansunwai Foundation by the programme “Nari Samman Mera Abhiman”. In this Prograamme womens related to social work were felicitated by theJansunwai foundation.400 ladies from all the fields were present.
  •    On 15/03/2017 the women cell “Vividha” had organized a Awareness Programme Related To Insurance Policy.  This programme was conducted by the members of SBI Life Insurance.
  •    On 27/03/2017 the women cell ‘’VIVIDHA’’ invited the members of “Beti Bachavo Beti Padavo” for their initiative, and an interaction session was setup with the students and staff of the Mahavidyalaya with APAR FOUNDATION ,the entive audience was pleased with their thought that ‘ Daughters are the link between two families , two different cultures, she is the ‘Janani’. When a daughter is educated she will spread knowledge to two families, her values and morals will persist for generations.’’ The women cell also appreciated their ecofriendly campaing as they travelled from Nagpur to Raipur, the 300km long journey via bicycle creating a more impactful impression to the citizens.


Women Cell 2015-16

  • On 10/8/2015 the women cell had organized a seminar on self defense. The chief guest of this program was Dr, Tripti Ashish, Principal, Shankaracharya Nursing College. In this seminar the women are made aware with the strategies & tips for women protection and their legal aspects and this will surely make women conscious about atrocity.
  •   On 17/10/2015 women all of Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya had organized an one day workshop on the topic "Youth Development" & Anti depression Shri Gunjan Dewangan NGO Life (YUVA) was the guest speaker of the programm. He told the students about how to manage their stress & made them aware about the career Mr. Dewangan cleared the doubts & problems of the students very simply and he encouraged the students to teach rural people and invited them to joint their orgnisation  for helping needy one.
  •  On 3/11/2015 the women cell had organized a guest lectures on the topic-Depression & its management the guest speaker of this program was Dr. Ashok Trivedi, Psychiatrist. He told about various types of stress, its control & management. Students shared about their problem to Dr. Trivedi and he gave suggestion to how to solve it.
  •  Rashtriya sevika samiti had organized a Yuvati sammelan on 18/12/2015 in Vivekanand Sabhagaar durg in which college professors Mrs. Poornima Tiwari, Mrs. Sudha Mishra, Manisha Sahetrabudhe and 20 students participated. These students participated in various programs organized by the samiti.       


Women Cell 2014-15

  • Awareness programme for the students are carried out from time to time. Cell has organized a Guest Lecture on the topic “Women Empowerment” on 11th Oct 2014. The Guest Lecture was delivered by Ms. Anjali Kewat.
  •  On 19/09/2014 in one day seminar on “Charitra Nirman Avam Vyaktitv Vikas.”  Student Member of Women Cell present a Laghu Natika “ KATPUTALI “
  •  National Seminar on Women empowerments was conducted on 23rd Dec 2014.Topic for the    discussion was “Aadhunik Samaj Aur Nari Samman”. The main Chief Speakers were Akhil Bhartiya Samitee Convener Ms. Geeta Gunde and Ms. Neeta Bajpai from NSS Department of Ravi Shankar University. Ms Geeta Gunde said females are delicate but they are not weak. We should not forget our culture and tradition and we should follow or copy the good things from the western countries. Special Guest Ms. Saroj Pandey  (Ex.MP Durg Lokshabha)  also present on this occasion.

      Chhattisgarh Bal Ayog President Mrs. Shatabadi Pandey addressing the audience she added the children who are orphan and from the down trodden Society we should help them so that we will be helpful in improving there future. A Play was organized by     B.Sc.  Students on Women Empowerment. Dr. Mrs. Shraddha Mishra recites/Presented a poem on Nari Shakti.In this occasion Gangajali President Shri I. P. Mishra, Principal of college Dr. Raksha Singh, Additional Director Dr. J.D.P. Rao and college staff were      present. Anchoring was done by Dr. Mrs. Shraddha Mishra and Mrs. Sushma Dubey.

  •  Cell has organized a Awareness programme for the women of Junwani gram on 18th March 2015 the Topic “Mahila Savasth & Savachatha.” The Guest Speaker were Mrs. Vasha Thakur (Principal Govt. Higher Secondary School, Junwani)   and Dr. Raksha Singh Principal of our College.

Women Cell 2019-20 Report • Women Cell “Vividha” organized a “Women Awareness Program” on 08 July 2019. Guest of the occasion was Dr. Sahil Parmar. He given lecture on women awareness and told that it is very important for women to be aware at the present time. Various jobs are available for women to move forward. Currently all women are aware of population control, educated women as well as less educated women think about family planning. He also made a job offer for the girls students under which girl has to survey and aware the woman's of rural areas about family planning. On this program 25 students and 08 Faculties were present. • Women Cell “Vividha” celebrated”International Day of Girls Child” on 11 October 2019, with the aim to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls empowerment. The day was celebrated with the theme “Girls force: unscripted and Unstoppable”, various programs were organized and students participated in it with great enthusiasm and shaped their expression, thoughts and creative through Rangoli, drawing and charts. Video is also shown to students and the main purpose of this is to make the girls aware of the changes in the situation from ancient time to the present. On this program 62 students and 09 Faculties were present. • On 02/12/2019 women cell “Vividha” organized a Guest Lecture on “AIDS”. Guest Speaker was Mrs. Vineeta Satya Kumari (Associate Professor, Swami Swaroopanand College of Nursing, Junwani) and Marium Thomas ((Asst. Professor, Swami Swaroopanand College of Nursing, Junwani). On this program 47 students and 12 Faculties were present. • Women cell “Vividha” celebrated “National Girls Child Day” on 24/01/2020. On this occasion a video clip was shown to students for empowering students for a brighter tomorrow and to bring equality in society. Its main objective is to provide maximum support and facilities to the girls and to raise awareness about discrimination against girl. On this program 24 students and 13 Faculties were present. • On 05/02/2020, one day workshop was organized by the women cell “Vividha”, keynote speaker was Dr. Helena Giridharan (Advocate, Rajya Sabha Sadasya Vishakha Samiti). She explained in detail the objectives of the formation of the Vishakha Committee, and tells us about molestation under section 354 (India panel Code). She gave the damage caused by sanitary pads and said that sanitary pads are made with chlorine which gives rise to cancer. Nowadays 90% of cases of Uterus cancer is because of using chlorine sanitary pads. It also pollutes the environment, therefore we should use antimicrobials wear pads instead of using chlorine pads. On this program 38 students and 12 Faculties were present.

Women Cell Report 2020-21 • Women Cell “Vividha” of Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya given training to make Rakhi in National Regional Level Committee Ward No. 63 of Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana National Urban Livelihood Mission Municipality Corporation Bhilai District Durg, this training as conducted by following the guidelines given by the government. Training was given to women on how to make rakhi at home during COVID-19 to be safe from the market congestion. With this training women can make rakhi for their own use for professional use. The Chief guest of this training was Director and Principal Dr. Raksha Singh, Shri Shankaracharya College, Junwani Bhilai, Incharge of the livelihood mission Mr. Bose, CEO of Municipality Corporation, Mrs. Dhaneshwari Yadav. Dr. Archana Jha, Dr. Jayashree Wakankar as instructor in the training workshop and Mrs. Kavita Kushwaha was present. Dr. Archana Jha, Dr. Jayashree Wakankar taught to make rakhi in a very attractive and simple way using molly thread, pearl, colored thread, rudraksh etc. • • Women cell organize one day workshop on “How to make Mask and Brew” on 03 October 2020. In this workshop women of Green Valley participated and they were taught how to make mask of different design and Brew of different types and also taught the advantages of brew. • • • On the occasion of Worlds AIDS Day i.e. on 01 Dec. 2020 women cell organized online awareness quiz for the students. On this quiz 75 students participated. • • On 11 Feb 2021 Women Cell observe International Day of women and girls in Science. This day is implemented by UNESCO and UN to focus and promote full and equal Access for participation in science for Women and girls. Cell shown video clips related to Indian women work in the field of science and their achievement as well as to aware the students for their devotion in science as well as their responsibility towards Nation. • Women cell “Vividha” and Microbiology department of Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya Junwani Bhilai is organizing a quiz competition on account of “World Health Day”. Theme of this year is "Building a fairer, healthier world". The aim of this competition is to aware about role of different nutrients and build up immunity with the proper nutrition and maintain their health which is necessary in this Covid -19 situation. So stay safe and stay healthy.

Women cell "VIVIDHA" 2021-22 Women cell “Vividha” Shri Shankaracharya College, Junwani, Bhilai, celebrated the International day of girls. The main motive behind this event was to spread awareness about the difficulties faced by women and protection of women rights. The main theme for this event was “Digital generation over generation”. Women cell “Vividha” Shri Shankaracharya College, Junwani, Bhilai, organized a lecture on the “Awareness about Breast Cancer”. This lecture was given by Dr. Pratibha Issar, Dept of Radiology, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital and Research Centre, Sector 9, Bhilai, gave lecture on Breast cancer in whish she gave information on ways of detection, self detection method, different equipment’s and diagnostic techniques used by hospitals for the detection of breast cancer. She also told the different stages of breast cancer and how it is caused in different ages of girls. Women cell “Vividha” Shri Shankaracharya College, Junwani, Bhilai, organized a brief Skill development workshop for the promotion of Innovative ideas of “Badge Making”. The basic motto behind this session was to teach all the students about badge making from waste material i.e. old newspapers which was collected from library just so to reduce as well as to put it in for proper usage. This way the paper got utilized and it also gave a new perception for Entrepreneurship ideas and self employment. Women cell “VIVIDHA” of Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya Junwani, Bhilai on 24th January 2020 celebrated the “National Girl Child Day”. Ministry of women and child development has been celebrating this day since 2008. The particular day was chosen because on this day the first woman prime minister in the Gandhi took the entire function was organized online via Google in this event multiple points like women and child protection health and better environment, their rights, motive and history behind the celebration of this day where firmly discussed. A small drama from the students of the college was also organized to educate everyone around the good touch and back touch India. At last at last all the experience we have asked to spread awareness in their house as well as in the nearby area Women cell “Vividha” of Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya Junwani, Bhilai on 11th February 2022 celebrated the "International Day of Women and Girls in Science". This day was commemorated with a lecture by Dr. Meena Chakraborty be Assistant Professor Government Naveen college Bori Durg on the topic “Role Of Women In Science”. In this lecture Dr Meena discussed about STEM i.e Stereotypes and Educational Difference, which can lead to the decline of women in many fields. She also told about challenges that women face in this field that makes intimidating when considering a job after college. Three of the big challenges we face are 1) Confidence 2) Lack of mentorship 3) Understanding our salary. She also discussed about the reason behind shortage of women in research as they mostly leave their work after marriage. Certain more points like qualities of scientist and themes of international day of women and girls in science were also highlighted. On the occasion of international women's day and online seminar on general equality was organized by the women cells of Sri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya Junwani, Bhilai on 7/3/2012. In this program Helena madam a member of the criminal court and Vishakha committee and a guest member of the women cell phone by the college participated as the key note speaker In her statement she provided important information on the subject of gender equality, domestic violence, Stridhan, women's right, right to property and right to maintenance. She also told that parents have the right to get maintenance from the married daughter who earns money on her own. She gave detailed information about the section of IPC which have been made to protect the interest of women In this program the Additional Director and Principle of the college Dr. J. Durga Prasad Rao congratulated everyone on the occasion of International Women's Day. Dr Archana Jha, the Convener of the women cell introduced the keynote speaker and said that this year we will continue to make effort to reduce gender inequality. The program was conducted by Dr. Sonia Bajaj. HOD, Department of Zoology and around 100 aspirants participated in the event.

Women Cell 2022-23

One Day Workshop: Herbal Rakhi: Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya’s Women's Cell “VIVIDHA” organized an Herbal Rakhi Training Workshop on 11th July 2022. In this workshop, women of A to Z Women Self Help Group were trained to make herbal rakhi and decorate the plate. The herbal rakhis were produced using Cotton threads, Seeds,cloves, black peppercorns, and cardamoms, all spices helpful in boosting immunity.Rakhi threads are dyed with natural materials, turmeric,and madder roots, which have medicinal properties. When one wears them, they will transfer these benefits to the wearer.The motive behind using this material was to promote Environment Safety as these materials are Biodegradable in nature and helpful too as the seeds can be used for plantation as well as a source of the Bird feeder. As a trainer, Dr. ArchanaJha, Vice Principal, Smt. KavitaKushwaha, Asst. Professor, Dept of Computer Science and Smt. UjwalaBhosle, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Education gave their participation.


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