Department of Bio Technology

Biotechnology has emerged as a most important branch of biological sciences. It is one of the most revolutionary and beneficial scientific advances of the last quarter-century. Shri Shankaracharya Mahavidyalaya, established the Biotechnology department in 2006, affiliated to Pt. Ravishankar Shukla Univesity, Raipur but now affiliated to Hemchand Yadav University, Durg. It is an interdisciplinary science which includes not only biology but also subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and many more. It is also a conglomeration of various combined technologies applied to live cells for the production of a particular product or enhancing its quality according to our preferences. Its application varies in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, in the development of new and safe drugs, disease diagnosis and cure; microbial fermentation technology, plant and animal biotechnology by genetic engineering and crop improvement nutrition, environmental conservation etc. All this makes it one of the fastest-growing fields. People who choose biotech careers have several areas of specialization to choose from. One of the biggest strengths of the department is its well-equipped laboratories with the latest sophisticated equipment and spacious labs with adequate working space. Library facility is also provided by the department. There are 321 books and 02 Journals over here.

An individual aspiring for a career in Biotechnology should have a scientific aptitude and a keen interest in the biological sciences.

Inspired by the mission of the university, the program activities of the Department of Biotechnology are designed to achieve the following objectives:

Vision & Mission

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a frontier area offering a new technological base to understand living beings at the molecular level, unravel the genetic codes that govern biological processes and thereby be able to manipulate those for the betterment of humankind. Biotechnology is not just one subject; rather it is an amalgam of a number of different scientific fields. Biotechnology uses knowledge of microbiology, molecular biology, immunology, biochemistry just to name a few. In recent times, new concepts such as bioinformatics, proteomics, microarrays are becoming standard terminologies within this vast area of research. Novel research findings by scientists in this field of science are helping people worldwide in their quest for a healthier lifestyle.

A career in biotechnology is not just a job; it is an invitation to participate in the development of new products and processes that also contribute to improving people's standards of living.

Where are the career development opportunities?

Major avenues of career development opportunities are as follows:



Courses Offered

B.Sc. (Biotechnology) - Duration of 3 years


12th withPhysics+Chemistry+Biology


Courses Offered

S.No. Courses offered Year of Establishment
1. B.Sc. Biotechnology 2005

B.Sc. Biotechnology

Under Graduation

B.Sc. Biotechnology core subject with elective botany/zoology and chemistry

S.No. Name Qualification Designation Statute 28 Experience Mob. No. Email Id Resume
1. Dr.Akanksha Jain Msc. Biotechnology, Ph.D. Biotechnology Assistant Professor Statute 28 3 year teaching , 5 year Research experience 9827960143 Download
S.No. Name of Faculty Awards Session
S.No. Name of the Student Branch Total Marks Obtained Percentage Division Position Year
S.No. Name of Student Awards Session


S.No. Name of Visitors Post Address of Visitors
1 Dr.K.K. Sahu Asstt. Prof. S.O.S. in Biotechnology , Pt. R.S.U. Raipur
2 Dr. Ujjwala Supe Asstt. Prof. St. Thomas college Bhilai
3 Miss Sweta Pandey Asstt. Prof. Govt. P. G. College, Kawardha, (C.G.)
4 Dr Saumya Khare Asstt. Prof. Science Colllege,, Durg (C.G.)
5 Dr Sweta Pandey Asstt. Prof. Nagarzun Science College, Raipur
6 Dr Pramod Mahish Asstt. Prof. Govt.Digvijay P. G. College, Rajnandgaon
7 Dr. Subha Diwan Asstt. Prof. St. Thomas college Bhilai

Publication Details

S.No Title of the Article Author Name of publisher/place/Month/Year International/International ISBN/ISSN
1. Text Book of Biotechnology B.Sc. Part 1 Akanksha Jain Sonia Bajaj Varsha Yadav Sonal Khandelwal Rachana Tiwari Probecell Press/2021 National 9788195354498
2. Text Book of Biotechnology B.Sc. Part 2 Akanksha Jain Sonia Bajaj, sushma solanki, sweta agniwanshi, suchitra panigrahy Probecell Press/2022 National 9788195677054
3. Text Book of Biotechnology B.Sc. Part 3 Akanksha Jain Sonia Bajaj, sushma solanki, sweta agniwanshi, Varsha Yadav, Rachana Tiwari Probecell Press/2022 National 9780201379624

1. Antibacterial, biofilm dispersal and antibiofilm potential of alkaloids and flavonoids of Curcuma 34 2018
2. Comparative Study of In-vitro Antidiabetic and Antibacterial Activity of Non-conventional Curcuma Species 0 2020
3. Molecular marker based genetic diversity study of wild, cultivated and endangered species of Curcuma from Chhattisgarh region for in situ conservation 10 2019
4. Design and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles of Different Species of Curcuma in the Treatment of Cancer Using Human Colon Cancer Cell Line (HT‑29) 0 2022

Learning Resources-

Department is provided with one computer, DLP, a well-equipped laboratory with several microscopes and various instruments of latest life science technology and a tissue culture lab, a central library with 327 books; a subscribed journal and annually published manuscript for the students.

  • Seminar, workshop & Guest Lecture 

One day national workshop on “Clinical trials and SAS apllications” held on 7.11.17 and guest lecture on “Stem cell Therapy” by Dr. Shruti Srivastava.

  • Power Point Presentation: students gave powerpoint presentation on topics related to their syllabus.
  1. Sc. 2nd year presentation held on 1.12.17 and 2.12.17.


  1. Sc. 3nd year presentation held on 18.12.17 and 19.12.17.

  • Poster and drawing competition held on 7. 02. 18, theme of completion was environment biotechnology

  • Competition held on 7. 02. 18 on the topic molecular biology and environmental biotechnology

  • Educational Trip: Educational visit to 77 MLD water treatment plant Nagar Nigam Bhilai on 10.02.18

Class Level seminar – and and third Saturday of the month

Word AIDS Day and Pollution Control Day clebration

IPR Webinar in Association with Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management, Nagpur (Maharashtra)

Lock Down Events