Department of Bio Chemistry

SSMV establishes its Biochemistry Department in1997, is among few colleges who offer biochemistry course. Our department has been recognized as one of the best department in this region for not only good Academic and lab facility but also due to great alumni’s of department placed in beast groups of R&D and Industries. The Department has a lot of advantage in future in biochemistry. It provides the best sharing of knowledge to be a leader in the field of Life sciences and Clinical biochemistry.

Vision & Mission

The Department is keen to develop an R&D skill among the student which could fulfil the need of scientific as well as Medical and Drug Industries.

Courses Offered

S.No. Courses offered Year of Establishment
1. B.Sc. I 2006
2. B.Sc. II 2006
3. B.Sc. III 2006
S.No. Name Qualification Designation Statute 28 Experience Mob. No. Email Id Resume
1. Ms. R.M. Nisha M.Sc.Biochemistry - - 0
S.No. Name of Faculty Awards Session
S.No. Name of the Student Branch Total Marks Obtained Percentage Division Position Year
S.No. Name of Student Awards Session

Technical Staff Profile

Name Designation Qualification Statute 28 Experience Mob. No. Email Id
Mrs. Vidya Nagpure - Higher Secondary - 2 -

Departmental Activities

  1. National Conference on INTEGRATIVE GENOMICS on 11th & 12th Feb 2014
    • Inagural Function of Conefrence Guest Speakers of Confrence
    • Teacher Participants and StudentsSouvenir Release
    • Glimpses of AkshayaPatraVisit (20.09.13)
    • Class presentation
  2. Entrepreneurship Awareness program on 21st& 23rd September 2013
    • Explaining the schemes of EAP to Students Audience Gallery
    • Experts Bueaty tips under EAP Schemes
    • Students Gallery Expert views on EAP program Question hour
    • Memento to expert EAP C.G India, Dr.AmiyDuttChaturvedi
  3. Aids & Blood Cancer Rally on 1st Dec 2013
  4. National Workshop 16th& 17th Dec 2013

Publication Details

S.No. Name Of The Faculty No. of Paper Published in Journal No. of Paper Presented in Seminar/ Conference No. of Seminar/ Conferences Attended No. of Workshops Attended Faculty Development Programme Book Published
    International National International National International National   Orientation Refresher Training Program  
01 Dr Amit Dutt Chaturvedi 07 Nil 01 23 01 36 09 Nil 01 01 01

Faculties in committees

Ms. R.M. Nisha

  • Alumni Member
  • Member of Prerna Teacher Association in SSMV, Bhilai
  • Member in Anti-Ragging

Department Strength

  • COP in Clinical Diagnostics
  • Well equipped labs.
  • High degree of employability of the students as evidence by the selection of students in the campus interviews.

Department Opportunities

  • Clinical R&D Labs of Private as well as Governments
  • Beverage Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries

Department Challenges

  • Developing Research center for university
  • Organizing Career oriented programmers
  • Organizing International Seminars /Conference/Workshops
  • Certification course in Clinical Pathology for U.G/P/G Student
  • Starting P.G Course in Biochemistry
  • Granting of Major Project.