Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology was established in the year 2005. The department has well equipped laboratory to meet the practical as per the latest syllabus of the university. The department has 460 books in college library. Modern teaching methods are practiced and use of ICT is made in teaching & learning. 'e' -notes facility is available for students.Students are assigned projects to enrich their practical knowledge.

Zoology is the branch of science where animals their structures, development, classification and related aspects are studied. Animal being an important part of ecosystem play specific role in benefiting human beings helping them to provide food &fibers. Study of zoology helps in conservation of Biodiversity and in recent research areas like stem cells, organ transplantation and genetic engineering.



S.No. Name Qualification Designation Statute 28 Experience Mob. No. Email Id
1. Dr. Sonia Bajaj M.Sc. ,Ph.D. Assistant Professor & HoD Yes 10 years
S.No. Name of Faculty Awards Session
S.No. Name of the Student Branch Total Marks Obtained Percentage Division Position Year
S.No. Name of Student Awards Session
Title Duration Subjects Eligibility
B.Sc. 3 Years Chemistry & Botany Chemistry & Biotechnology Chemistry & Microbiology HSS with Biology
S.No. Name of visiting faculties Session
1. Dr. A.K. Bhandari, Govt. College Arjunda,Durg 2010-11
2. Dr. Seema Gupta, Govt.ScienceCollege,Raipur 2011-12
3. Dr. Nasreen Hussain , Govt.GirlsCollege,Durg 2012-13
4. Dr. Sudha Agrawal, BMM Sector-9,Bhilai 2013-14
5. Dr. KantiChoubey, Govt.ScienceCollege,Durg 2013-14
6. Dr. Nasreen Hussain , Govt.GirlsCollege,Durg 2014-15
7. Dr. Manisha Garg, Arts &comm. Girls college, Devendranagar, Raipur 2015-16
8. Dr. Anil Ramteke,Govt. chhattisgarh PG. college, Raipur 2015-16
9. Dr. Madhulika Roy ,Govt. D.T. College UtaiDurg (C.G.) 2015-16
10. Miss SushmaJham, Principal,B.N.S. college ,Bhilai 2015-16
11. Dr.D.K.Bhardwaj ,(Govt.C.L.C college,Patan) 2016-17
12. Dr. Divya Minj,(Govt. V.Y.T PG College Durg) 2016-17
S.No. Name of Student Award Session
1. Lakshita Dewangan (B.ScPartIII) All India Essay Writing Event organized by Shri Ramchandra Mission, (SRCM) Raipur& achieved merit certificate 2014-15
2. Sanjay Rohilla First Runner-up in Table Tennis Event held in (Govt.C.L.C college,Patan) 2014-15
3. Prashant Tiwari (B.ScPartII) D.G. commendation Card(Delhi),A.D.G. Best cadet Award(Bhopal),Governor best cadet award, Raj Bhawna (Raipur),C.M. Trophy(C.M. house Raipur) 2015-16
4. Vandana soni (B.ScPartI) Poster competition held at Shri Shankara college Nursing college hudco Mother Teresa Award- 1st Prize 2015-16
5. BheentuVerma & Vandana Soni Digital India poster making contest organized by Durg University and won second price 2016-17
6. Vandana soni (B.ScPartII) All India Essay Writing Event organized by Shri Ramchandra Mission, (SRCM) Raipur& achieved merit certificate 2016-17
7. Shubham Moon (B.ScPartII ) In State Level Debate Competition on Topic Sweep. (Govt. Science College Durg),- IV Prize 2016-17
8. Prashant Tiwari ,(B.ScPartIII) Intrnship For Three Months At Gillete And Dainik Bhaskar , After Winning SafaltaApniMuthi Mein Program, Indore 2016-17
9. Prashant Tiwari ,(B.ScPartIII) Intrnship For Three Months At Gillete And Dainik Bhaskar , After Winning SafaltaApniMuthi Mein Program, Indore 2016-17
10. Shubham Moon (B.ScPartII) National Service Scheme (NSS)Certificate of Privasi Bhartiya Divas ,Bangalore 2016-17
11. Vandana Soni (B.ScPartII ) International women day( Jansunwai foundation) to award Nari Samman mera abhiman 2016-17
12. Chmpa, Priya & Usha (B.ScPartII ) NSS "B" certificate 2016-17
13. Rajendra Singh (B.ScPartIII) Qualified JAM 2017 2016-17

Technical Staff Profile

Name Designation Qualification Statute 28 Experience Mob. No. Email Id
Mr. Ashok Kumar Choudhury - ITI (Electrical) Yes - -

Completed Project

S.No. Name of Faculty Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount
1. Dr. Sonia Bajaj "Primary Production in diurnal variation in a tropical fish pond of Bhilai" UGC-CRO, Bhopal 1,30,000.00

Courses Offered

Core Subject - Zoology
Elective Subject
  • Chemistry, Botany
  • Chemistry, Biotechnology
  • Chemistry, Microbiology
  • Chemistry, Biochemistry

Details of facilities provided-

A. Infrastructure

The department has one Instrumentation Laboratory (660sq. ft.) in which the practical’s for the undergraduate classes are conducted.

The departmental teaching and learning process is supported with elaborate

  • Collection of Preserved Museum specimens
  • Plastic embedded specimens
  • Charts
  • Models
  • Permanent Microscopic slides
  • collection of CDs & PPT

B. Instruments and Equipment’s

The department is equipped with variety of instruments and equipment’s needed for regular studies at the time of practical’s of different classes, such as-

  • Microscope: Dissecting, Compound and Binocular.
  • Photographic equipment’s like Camera Lucida.
  • Electronic Balance, Oven, pH Meter, Refrigerator, Centrifuge, Digital colorimeter, Digital Spectrophotometer, Water bath etc.
  • Computer, DLP with Projector Screen &Internet facility is available in lab.
  • Distillation Unit for distil-water.
No. of Equipment’s. Price Cost of Deptt
58 3,24,243.00 8,02,502.23

C. Library Facility

No. of Titles No. of books No. of Journals Price in Rs.
97 477   1,69,714.62
    01(zoology) + 02 (other streams of science) 6000.00
    Grand total 1,75,714.62

Publication Details

S.No. Name Of The Faculty No. of Paper Published in Journal No. of Paper Presented in Seminar/ Conference No. of Seminar/ Conferences Attended No. of Workshops Attended Faculty Development Programme Book Published                  
    International National International National International National   Orientation Refresher Training Program                    
01 Dr .Sonia Bajaj 05 07 01 19 12 01 - 01 01   Dr .Sonia Bajaj 05 07 01 19 12 01 - 01 01


  • Member of Editorial Board –.Institutional Animal Ethics Committee in Shri Shankaracharya Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (Junwani) -2010
  • Associate Editor in the Multi-disciplinary National Refereed Research Journal Latur (MS)-2011/li>
  • As convener organized one day workshop on Aquatic Biodiversity 2011
  • Member of Inter Disciplinary Journal of engineering science “Society for ecological & environmental development (SSED) –Bhilai, India – 2012
  • As co- convener organized Two days National level workshop on Recent Advancement in biology Science 2012-13
  • As convener organized National science day sponsored by Chhattisgarh council of science and technology( CCOST), Raipur -28thfeb 2015-16
  • Yuva khel or sanskrity mandal Bhilai to award Utkristh Shiksha Samman-2007
  • International Rotary club of Bhilai city to award performance and excellence in community service -2014
  • International women day( Jansunwai foundation) to award Nari Samman mera abhiman -2017


Student’s Academic Achievement

S. No Session Name of Student Class Position in Merit List
1. 2007-08 Namrata Singh B.Sc. 9th
2. 2009-10 Archana Singh B.Sc. 6th


S. No Name of Student post Pass out year Contact No
1. Prashant Tiwari (B.Sc. III) Nestle company (5.8) package 2016-17 9993359104

Student Enrichment Programmes

  • Teaching Aids like charts, models, Overhead projector, and LCD projector are available.
  • For advancement of knowledge, study tours & field visits.
  • Projects, home and class Assignments are also allotted to the students.
  • E notes are also available for students.
  • Power Point presentations are used for theory and Practical’s, which makes the topics more interesting and easy for students.
  • Group discussions on various syllabus topic

Department Strengths

  • Emphasis is on the enhancement of quality of Undergraduate education.
  • Enhancing the attraction of talented students to the department
  • Continuous up gradation of facilities and programmers.
  • Effective utilization of ICT technology in all courses.
  • Good Infrastructure

Department Opportunities

  • Open M.Sc. Zoology
  • To enhance facility for preparation of competitive exam.
  • Publication in higher impact factor journals.

Best Practices

  • To enhance competitive attitude in student.
  • Student supplemented with E-notes and Power point related to various topics.
  • Campaign related to social welfare is also organized.

Zoology graduates are employed in different government departments for example, PG Class ,Environment Conservation, State Fisheries, research agencies (CSIRO), in academic institutions and also in private sector companies such as fisheries, aquaculture, pathology labs, museums, Zoos etc.