Department of Physics and Electronics

Physics is the branch of science dealing with the inanimate world and its natural phenomena.

The Department of Physics and Electronics is situated in the First Floor of the College Building . It also has a spacious Laboratory and Well equipped with all the necessary instruments and a computer for the departmental work.
Physics and Electronics motivates individuals to learn more about the world it is the systematic investigation of the physical world around us to discover the laws of universe. Physics has very wide scope in research and technology.

The Department of Physics and Electronics was established in the year 1997. It is enriched with highly qualified faculty members. They use modern techniques and methods of teaching and attend various refresher courses, seminars, and workshops in order to be abreast with recent trends in Physics. Department also organizes workshops, seminars and project work to develop interest and enhance the knowledge of students in different fields of Physics.

The changing social needs and development of new technologies have opened up new communication services leading to automation in industries and offices. The spectacular developments in Electronics, digital Electronics, Computers, Switching Devices, Power Electronics and Communication system are responsible for this resolution facilitating universal connectivity.

Thus to provide students a sound understanding of existing Electronics theory and Computer Devices undergraduate courses in Electronics and Computer Maintenance are run by the Department.

Courses run by the Department

  • B.Sc. – Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry
  • B.Sc. – Physics ,Mathematics , Computer Science
  • B.Sc. - Physics, Mathematics, Electronics

About Laboratories

Physics Laboratory

In Physics the Laboratories play a very significant role for understanding of the fundamentals. Department has separate Laboratory for Optics, Mechanics and Laser . These Laboratories are spacious and well equipped with high precision measuring instruments. New instruments are added regularly as per the requirement.

Electronics Laboratory

To impart the practical knowledge and better understanding of Electronics,well-equipped electronics laboratories are established.

Journals and Magazine


Indian Journal of Physics Physics
Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics Physics
Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Physics
Medicinal and Atomic Plants Physics Physics


1. Electronics For You Monthly

Major Equipment

  • Hall Effect
  • e/m by Thomsons Method.
  • Babinet Compensator
  • Spectrometer with High Resolution.
  • Plank Constant Apparatus
  • Equipment based on basic, communication, Power electronics and Digital electronics
  • CRO’S Single Trace and Dual Trace
  • Function Generator
  • Network Theorem
  • Newton Apparatus
  • Micro Processors 8085

Teaching Aid

To promote better understanding & interest in the subject latest teaching aids like OHP LCD Projector & Laptops are used by the faculty.

Faculty Profile

S.No. Name of Faculty Qualification Experience (in Years) Designation Email ID